In the last 10 years, there hasn’t been a single IT or security professional that we've spoken with that hasn’t expressed that they are absolutely slammed day in and day out. Of course, we’re in that same boat.  So, we humbly apologize for the delay in getting the remainder of our National Cyber Security Awareness Month posts out. But, we…


Multi-Factor Authentication is a Must

Once you “OWN IT!”, as we talked about last week, you need to "SECURE IT!" This week, we're focused on multi-factor authentication. Cyber security breaches and hacks are seemingly always in the news these days. Because of that, everyone talks about making sure you have a strong, secure password, so you won’t be a future victim. What is Multi-Factor Authentication?…


National Cyber Security Awareness Month: OWN IT

Happy National Cyber Security Awareness Month! In honor of the month, we want to cover topics that align with this year’s overall theme: “OWN IT. SECURE IT. PROTECT IT.” This week, we’re talking about how to OWN IT. What does it mean to OWN IT? Owning it means understanding what you have in your network. Also, it means knowing what steps…

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